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It’s been a long time coming, but the announcement of the existence of Neil Blender’s The Heated Wheel skateboard company was met with glee. He is arguably one of the most influential pro skaters of all time despite being largely absent from mainstream skate media since his 2005 section in Vox Footwear’s ‘Destroy Everything Now’ video.

Alongside his contributions on the board, Neil Blender was also one of skateboarding’s founding polymaths.
A gifted writer and a photographer with a regular column in Transworld, a musician (with his music still being used to this day by the likes of Polar Skate Co), an artist (one of the first professional skaters to do their own graphics) and, most importantly, a hugely funny iconoclast as adept at making up trick names as he was lampooning those he saw as overhyped ‘widdlers’. If you don’t believe our hype, let me hand you over to Lance Mountain who said ofNeil Blenderin the Transworld Mag ’30 Most Influential skaters of all time article (Neil Blender was 19th).

Heated Wheel

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